Investment Philosophy

Our investment approach is designed to capture above average risk-adjusted returns from global capital markets.

Key Features:

  • Ability to capture trends in bull & bear markets
  • Weekly analysis of capital markets
  • Fundamental & Technical Analysis coupled with pattern recognition and weekly trend confirmation
  • Global fundamental views that are formulated with an intermediate term horizon
  • Broad diversification of analysis refined into concentrated positions
  • Rigorous risk management

Interpret, Not Predict, Market Action

The trading decisions are derived from a weekly analysis of global capital markets. The weekly analysis does not aim to predict market action; instead it simply interprets what is actually happening. The strategy combines fundamental and technical analysis with a psychological and strict risk management overlay aimed at achieving above average risk-adjusted returns in both bull and bear markets.

How We View The World- Markets Trend

Fact: Markets trend. Armed with this knowledge, our approach is designed to identify and capitalize on these invariable trends. 50 Park Investments believes that capital does not know any borders, which makes it truly fluid; hence capital will follow the path of least resistance and will always flow to an investment with the most favorable risk/reward ratio. This process feeds upon itself and ultimately creates market trends that we look to capture. 50 Park Investments looks to identify, as early as possible, where capital will flow at any given moment and capture intermediate term trends as they develop in real-time.

Competitive Advantage – Psychology Is Constant

One of Albert Einstein’s greatest discoveries occurred when he realized that the speed of light is constant. Keeping that in mind, one of 50 Park Investments’ greatest discoveries occurred when we realized that markets and players change,but human nature remains constant. Human nature has been the one constant that has occurred in every single major bubble and subsequent bust throughout recorded history. 50 Park Investments has developed a unique system to remove human emotion from the decision making process. All major trading decisions are developed while the market is closed and written down in a clear detailed and concise fashion with proper facts (annotated charts) and presented to our clients. Then, our team simply follows the plan which allows us to be prepared for all possible outcomes.