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Adam has been providing institutional and individual investors with actionable ideas since 2004!

He began trading in the 1990’s and started his business in his dorm room in grad school in 2004.

Since then, his work has been read by millions of readers on and off Wall Street. 

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Steve Wozniak

Montel Jordan

Jeremy Piven

Jay Mohr

Jamie Lynn Sigler

Kara Lindsay

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The Smart Money Circle Show

Learn From The Top 1%

Adam Sarhan, Author, Investor, and Forbes Contributor, interviews large money managers (all over $100 million) for timeless investing advice. Listen to the Show for free or become a member and dive deeper.

The Smart Money Circle Show

(Click Listen Here To See Each Person’s Name, Title, Firm, & AUM)

Season 1 

1. $500 million money manager – Listen Here
2. $1.5 billion money manager – Part I Listen Here
3. $1.5 billion money manager – Part II Listen Here
4. $2 billion money manager – Part I Listen Here
5. $2 billion money manager – Part II Listen Here
6. $750 million money manager – Listen Here
7. $350 million money manager – Listen Here
8. $450 million money manager – Listen Here
9. $140 billion money manager – Listen Here
10. $400 million money manager – Listen Here

Season 2

1. $450 million money manager – Listen Here
2. $1.6 billion money manager – Listen Here
3. $900 million money manager – Listen Here
4. $400 million money manager – Listen Here
5. $550 million money manager – Listen Here 
6. $210 million money manager – Listen Here
7. $500 million money manager – Listen Here
8. $250 million money manager – Listen Here
9. $650 million money manager – Listen Here
10. $1.5 billion money manager – Listen Here

Season 3

1. $2.6 billion money manager – Listen Here
2. $250 million money manager – Listen Here
3. $320 million ETF strategist & money manager Listen Here
4. $1 billion money manager Listen here
5. $5.5 billion money manager Listen Here
6. $800 million money manager Listen Here
7. $4 billion money manager Listen Here
8. $5.5 billion money manager Listen Here
9. $4.3 billion money manager Listen Here
10. $4.1 billion money manager Listen Here

Season 4

1. $2 billion money manager Listen Here
2. $HDGE ETF Portfolio Manager Listen Here
3. $32 billion money manager Listen Here
4. $100 million money manager Listen Here
5. Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Listen Here
6. $100 million CANSLIM hedge fund manager Listen Here
7. $100 million money manager Listen Here
8. $2.5 billion money manager Listen Here
9. $5 billion money manager Listen Here
10. $215 million money manager Listen Here


Season 5

1. $25 billion money manager Listen Here
2. $400 million money manager Listen Here
3. $100 million money manger Listen Here
4. $900 million money manger Listen Here
5. $20 billion money manger Listen Here
6. $1.7 billion money manger Listen Here
7. $400 million money manger Listen Here
8. A Living Legend – Mr. Leo Melamed, Chairman Emeritus, At The CME Group Listen Here
9. $8.1 billion money manger Listen Here
10. $1.1 billion money manger Listen Here

Season 6

1. Jim O’Shaughnessy’s Four Investing Horsemen & Much More – $4 Billion money manager Listen Here 
2. $475 Million Private Equity Commercial & Industrial Real-Estate Money Manger Listen Here
3. $1 Billion Money Manger Tells You The #1 Thing To Do In Order To Generate Consistent Income On Wall Street Listen Here 
4. Leo Melamed Talks To Adam Sarhan About His Notable Life & His New Book: Man of the Futures – Listen Here
5. The Future Of Cashless Payments With The Chairman & CEO of – Listen Here
6. How To Invest In Section 8 Housing With, CEO, Tom Cruz, Who Owns Over 500 Units – Listen Here
7. $4 Billion Multi-Strategy Firm – Listen Here
8. Timeless Lessons From A Founder Who Sold His Startup For Almost $1 Billion – Listen Here
9. Rob LoCascio, Founder and CEO, of Live Person ($LPSN) Listen Here
10. Rusty Wiley is President and CEO at Datasite – A Tech Firm Specializing in M&A – Listen Here

Season 7

1. Build-A-Bear Workshop® President & CEO Sharon Price John  Listen Here 
2. David Mazza, Managing Director, Head of Product R&D, at Direxion with ~$25 Billion in AUM.  Listen here
3. David Grumhaus President & CIO Duff & Phelps Investment Mgmt Co ~$12B  Listen Here
4. Karen McClintock About The Power Of Compounding. ~$4B AUM Listen Here: 5. Julie Kutasov, Portfolio Manager & Senior Research Analyst, at Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management, with $55B AUM Listen Here

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