Sour Economic Data Hurts Stocks

This is Thursday November 19, 2009’s after market commentary. In-depth analysis on the market and leading stocks.

Moving Averages 101

The simple premise is that if the price of security (or market) is trading above a moving average then the action is healthy and if the price is trading below an important moving average then the action is not as healthy. It is also important to note that it is healthy to see a stock (or market) move back to a moving average on light volume during an uptrend (converse is also true) and then bounce off that moving average on higher volume (ideal scenario). This natural occurrence is actually considered healthy as most leading stocks (and markets) tend to do this during a protected uptrend. That said, moving averages offer prudent investors a healthy chance to accumulate a position as the underlying investment pulls back to a logical area of support. However, a technical sell signal will be triggered once an important moving average is broken (especially if volume is heavy) and that is an important warning sign most investors should look for.

Stocks End Lower On Tepid Economic Data

Wed 11.18.09 Market commentary. The major averages opened lower after a series of mixed economic data was released.

Stocks Up; Dollar Up= Bulls Are Strong!

The bulls flexed their muscles today and sent the major averages higher even as the US dollar rallied! Volume, a critical component of institutional demand, was lower than Monday’s levels which indicated a lack of buying from the institutional crowd. However, the fact that the major averages were down for most of the session and closed near their intra day highs helps offset that concern.

Can Asia Save The World’s Economy?

Right now the world is in nascent stages of a massive economic recovery. There is no question that Asia is playing a pivotal role in that process. Asian economies are currently growing at a very rapid pace. Countries like China, India, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore are experiencing robust economic growth which will eventually translate into more important global power. However, that is years, if not decades, away and it is nothing for the West to fear.

Stocks & Commodities Rally; Dollar Falls

Monday’s (11.16.09) after market report analyzes the important events of the day.

How To Capitalize on This Holiday Season

This post talks about how investors can capitalize on this holiday shopping season.

Lesson #3 Jesse Livermore’s Trading System- Top Down Trading

“Top Down Trading” (TDT) was Jesse Livermore’s unique trading system which outlines how one of the world’s most famous speculators read the tape. Livermore emphasized the importance of keeping things simple by remaining as objective and unbiased as possible.

Week In Review: Stocks Confirm New Rally

The major averages confirmed a new rally attempt and ended higher for the week as investors digested the latest round of earnings and economic data. However, this was the second consecutive week that volume, a critical component of institutional demand, receded as the major averages advanced. Normally, one would like to see volume expand as the market rallies and contract when the market declines. In terms of new leadership, it was encouraging to see new 52-week highs outnumber new 52-week lows on the NYSE and Nasdaq exchange.

Stocks Fall As Dollar Rallies; S&P 500 Tracing Out A Possible Double Top?

The major averages ended lower as the US dollar surged on Thursday. Volume, a critical component of institutional demand, was higher on both major exchanges which marked the latest distribution day for the popular indexes. Decliners trumped advancers by about a 4-to-1 ratio on the NYSE and by about a 3-to-1 ratio on the Nasdaq exchange. In terms of new leadership, it was encouraging to see new 52-week highs outnumber new 52-week lows on the NYSE and Nasdaq exchange but the number of actual leaders breaking out of sound bases remains very light.