Week-In-Review: 2017 Another Solid Year For Stocks

2017 – Another Solid Year For Stocks 2017 will go down in history as another solid year for Wall Street. The major averages all surged to fresh record highs as volatility remained exceptionally low. There were several bullish macro catalysts for the strong rally on Wall Street, most notably: Strong GDP, Corporate Earnings, Low Interest […]

Week-In-Review: Santa Arrived Early; Tax Cut Sparks Big Rally On Wall Street

Santa Comes Early; Tax Cut Sparks Big Rally On Wall Street The major indices continued to trade near record highs as 2017 winds down. So far, 2017 is on track to be the strongest year since 2013. The U.S. economy is the largest its ever been in history and continues to grow. Last week, the […]

Week-In-Review: Central Banks Help Stocks Hit New Highs

Central Banks Help Stocks Hit New Highs Stocks rallied nicely last week after nearly every major central bank in the world made it clear that they will move very slowly to “normalize” rates. Additionally, politicians in D.C. made a big step to help pass the tax reform bill. Earlier this month, I wrote, the major […]

Week-In-Review: Stocks End Busy Week Higher

Stocks End Busy Week Higher Stocks ended the week higher and the Dow and S&P 500 turned positive for the month. The Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 are still slightly lower for the month but are on track to turn higher. Remember, what I said last week, it would be perfectly normal to see the market […]

Week-In-Review: Another Record Setting Month On Wall Street

Another Record Setting Month On Wall Street The market remains exceptionally strong as the bulls remain in clear control and stocks refuse to fall in a meaningful fashion. Every time the market hints at pulling back, almost immediately, the bulls show up (buy the dip crowd) and send stocks soaring. The two largest “down” days […]

Week-In-Review: Stocks Soar As Q4 Holiday Shopping Season Begins

Stocks Rally On Shortened Holiday Week The market remains very strong as the Q4 holiday shopping season officially began. The S&P 500 topped 2,600 for the first time as buyers showed up with a very shallow two week pullback. The Nasdaq also hit a fresh record high as stocks continue to surge. The Dow closed […]

Week-In-Review: Stocks End Mostly Higher As Tax Cut Passes House

What Is This “Dip” You Speak Of The market remains very strong. The fact that the latest pullback literally only lasted one week speaks volumes to how strong the bulls are right now. The big news last week came after the House passed the tax cut bill. Now, the bill goes to the Senate where […]

Week-In-Review: Stocks Snap 8-Week Win Streak

Stocks (Finally) Snap 8-Week Win Streak Remember, ladies and gentlemen, stocks do not go up forever. Even in very strong bull markets (present market included) it’s perfectly normal (and healthy) to see the market pullback and digest a recent rally. Last week, the major indices ended lower and the benchmark S&P 500 and Dow Jones […]

Week-In-Review: Stocks Rally On Strong Economic & Earnings Data

Stocks Rally On Healthy Earnings and Economic Data The market ended mostly higher last week as investors digested a slew of earnings, economic and central bank data. First, nearly every major central bank in the world continues its easy money stance. Even though the Fed, and a few other central banks, began raising rates, rates […]

CNBC Asks Adam About The New Fed Chair

Thursday, November 2, 2017 Stocks gyrate as Wall Street digs through details of tax reform bill The S&P 500 traded off its lows as a sharp gain in the financials sector helped the index pare earlier losses. The plan would cut mortgage interest deductions in half. However, it would keep retirement savings plans like the […]