Lower Oil Prices Continue To Benefit Airlines

Lower Fuel Prices Help The Airlines

Over the last eighteen months, oil prices have plunged over 60% and remain in a ugly bear market. Certain industries benefit from lower oil prices, most notably the airlines. It is important to note that fuel is the biggest expense for the airlines and the fact that fuel prices have fallen sharply bodes well for their bottom line.

Indirect Tax On The Economy

Lower fuel prices also helps boost the economy. Keep in mind, higher energy prices serve as an indirect tax on both consumers and businesses. So lower energy prices leaves people (consumers and businesses) with more disposable income. When people have more money to spend, they tend to spend it and that boosts the economy.  A stronger economy means more people will travel and that is also bullish for the sector. Keep in mind, if oil prices turn and start heading up the story will change.
Take a look at the following charts:
Crude Oil:





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