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Adam Sarhan Market Quotes:

Learn How to Navigate The Stock Market

  1. “Never argue with the tape and always keep your losses small.”- -Adam Sarhan

  2. “Trade wisely” -Adam Sarhan

  3. “The market is just a reflection of collective psychology.” -Adam Sarhan

  4.  “Time is the friend of a successful investor and the enemy of lousy investor.” -Adam Sarhan

  5. “There is always that one person who beats the market. Be that person.” -Adam Sarhan

  6. “My research shows most people lose money on Wall Street because they make emotional, not rational, decisions.” -Adam Sarhan

  7. “There are two sides to every trade. Before you pull the trigger ask yourself what is the other side thinking?” -Adam Sarhan

  8. “For every tick there is a trade.” -Adam Sarhan

  9. “Learning how to trade stocks is easy. The hard part is overcoming your emotions and actually doing it in real-time.” -Adam Sarhan

  10. “Ask Yourself- Do I think and behave like a successful trader? If not, it will be almost impossible to win in the long-run.” -Adam Sarhan

  11. “Winning starts from within. Before you can win- you have to truly believe you deserve to win. Unfortunately, that is not easy for most people.” -Adam Sarhan

  12. “Most people spend their time studying markets and researching stocks. Instead, they should study themselves.” -Adam Sarhan

  13. “Profits are a function of time.” -Adam Sarhan

  14. “Time is your most valuable asset and information is your most valuable commodity. Use them wisely.” -Adam Sarhan

  15. “Forget everything you think you know and seek the truth. The truth in this business is the balance on your monthly statement. If you are not making money on your current path- find another path that works for you.” -Adam Sarhan

  16. “There are an infinite number of ways to make money in markets and in life. Your job is to find one that works for you. Just because a “system” works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Your job is to find an approach that consistently makes you money. Period.” -Adam Sarhan

  17. “Do a daily inventory of your wants. Ask yourself,  and write down, What do you want most today? Then make sure your actions are aligned with your top want.”
    -Adam Sarhan

  18. “Align yourself with the market.” -Adam Sarhan

  19. “Trade on what you see happening, not what you think will happen.” -Adam Sarhan

  20. “Respect risk.” – Adam Sarhan

  21. “Filter out the noise and focus on what matters most: Making Money.” -Adam Sarhan

  22. “Being successful is a skill that you can learn.” -Adam Sarhan

  23. “The skills required to make money have nothing to do with formal education, intelligence, IQ, your background, race, religion, sex, or any other prohibiting factor. Anyone can learn how to be successful.”  -Adam Sarhan

  24. “Ask yourself, am I Investing or Speculating (a.k.a Trading)? Then find a “system” that works for you.” -Adam Sarhan

  25. “We live in the age of information. Successful people pay for good information and know how to use it.” -Adam Sarhan

  26. “Markets are always moving and will be around forever. Make money and respect risk so you can be around too.” -Adam Sarhan

  27. “The beauty of this business is that you do not have to trade every day, week, or month. In fact, you are free to enter and exit 100% at your convenience. Only trade when you have an edge (see the ball).” -Adam Sarhan

  28. “It is important to find balance. Force yourself to take off every now and then. Otherwise, you will burn out.” -Adam Sarhan

  29. “On Wall Street, your money works for you. Not the other way around. Become comfortable with this concept because it is foreign to most people.” -Adam Sarhan

  30. “Avoid self-sabotage at all costs.” -Adam Sarhan

  31. “You deserve success. Once you become comfortable with that idea, make the necessary changes (thoughts/actions) and it will follow.”  -Adam Sarhan

  32. “Keep things simple. People have a natural tendency (to their detriment) to get in their own way and over-think markets. ” -Adam Sarhan

  33. “When you find yourself praying that a market moves in a certain direction. It probably won’t. -Adam Sarhan

  34. “Value, like Beauty, is subjective and in the eye of the beholder.” -Adam Sarhan

  35. “Price is a function of perception (psychology). Technicals and fundamentals are tools used to help determine perception.” -Adam Sarhan


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