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Adam Sarhan Quote: BlackBerry Passport? New Yorkers Say 'Fuhgeddaboudit'

IB TIMESCan BlackBerry Win Back Customers?
  on September 26 2014 5:54 PM
There could be some hope for struggling smartphone maker BlackBerry, which posted better than expected earnings Friday. The company narrowed losses to $207 million, compared to $965 million a year ago.
BlackBerry’s efforts to impress business users with its Passport smartphone appear to be catching on. The question now is whether the key retail sector will be as equally charmed.
“BlackBerry has a loyal following and Wednesday’s [launch] event helped re-energize their base, which is important,” Adam Sarhan, founder and chief executive officer of Sarhan Capital, said to IBTimes. “The question going forward is, will they be able to re-energize the public?”
If finicky New Yorkers are any indication, the vendor still has some work to do. IBTimes TV spoke with several shoppers about Passport and whether they would be interested in buying a phone from BlackBerry in the future. Here’s what they had to say.
During the company’s second-quarter earnings call with shareholders on Friday, John Chen, executive chairman and chief executive officer, said BlackBerry sold 200,000 Passport phones since the device’s launch on Wednesday. Following the call, analysts said there could be better times ahead for BlackBerry following restructuring efforts Chen began last year.
“Chen is done with his restructuring and is focused on revenue,” Keith Bliss, senior vice president at Cuttone & Co., said. “That’s enough to say there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now, we’ll have to see if they execute.”