Caterpillar Breaking Out- What It Means For The Global Economy?

Several Strong Setups:

One thing I look for each week is strong setups. Anyone can be a great Monday morning QB and say – look at how strong XYZ is AFTER it broke out. For me, I find the real value is finding the gems before everyone else.

Advanced Entry/Exit Points In Leading Stocks & Strong Setups:
That is why each week we provide our members with Advanced (early) entry/exit points in Leading Stocks AND several high quality setups for your review. This way you are prepared AHEAD of the crowd and can “see” breakouts unfolding in real-time.  Become A Member Now
In our latest weekly report we highlighted 14 strong setups. Two of them jumped out at me and have clear bullish ramifications for the global economy- CAT & UPS. FDX is also setting up very nicely up here. Interestingly, earlier today CAT vaulted out of a very large bullish cup-with-handle pattern and is trading at the highest level in over a year.
Market Headlines Matter More
That is why, IMHO, the market headlines are much more important than what we hear in the media. What does that mean for the global economy? China/Emerging Market Slowdown? etc? etc? As always, we’ll let you decide.
Caterpillar: $CAT
CAT-Global Economy
United Parcel Service: $UPS (actual chart used in our weekly report)

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