Market Intel: We Want To Hear From You…

What do you thinkDear Clients, Friends & Readers:

In the recent past, we have received quite a bit of inquiries about creating actionable educational content for you to use to enjoy better results in the market. To better serve you, we would like you to tell us:
1. What struggles are facing in the market?
2. What are your financial goals and biggest financial struggle?
3. What are three topics you would like to learn more about?
4. What frustrates you about your experience with Wall Street?
5. What are your top three investing/trading strengths and top three weaknesses?
6. How long have you been investing? How do you best describe your trading style?
Please email your answers to: info[at]FindLeadingStocks[dot]com
Kind regards,
Research Desk
PS: We are putting the final touches on our first options course and will let you know when it is ready. Stay tuned!