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A Brief History of The Global Economy


Has copper lost its importance? The basic premise is that for the past few years, copper and other industrial metals, no longer play a critical role for global economic growth. Don’t take my word for it; the proof is in the charts. Since 2011, copper prices have been steadily falling while US stocks have been steadily rising. In order to better understand why this is happening let’s take a quick look at the evolution and history of the global economy.
A Brief History of The Global Economy– 
I have studied every major economic cycle going back to the 3rd century. The economy has evolved tremendously over the past several hundred years.
Here is a brief look at the evolution/history of the global economy.
1. Agriculture Age:
For centuries, the global economy was almost fully dependent on agriculture. Then in the mid 1700’s things changed. Thanks in part to a concurrent/explosion in technology, communication, and transportation, the Industrial Revolution was born and changed the global economy -forever.
2. Industrial/Services Age:
The Industrial Revolution began in the late 1700’s and lasted for about a century to the mid-1800’s. The transition was a paradigm shift for the global economy. People migrated in droves to large cities and the age of mass-production was born (copper and other industrial metals played an integral part during this period because they were used to build “stuff”). The main driver for most developed economies during that time was goods and services. As each country’s economy developed it invariably moved more towards services and away from goods.
3. Information Age:
Then in the late 1900’s, another major paradigm shift occurred – Information become the primary engine of the global economy and quickly became the most valuable commodity on the planet. For the last several decades, more money has been created than the entire history of the world & most of it is based on buying/selling information/ideas (that is why copper/other industrial metals are not as important as they once were to global economic growth).
Information Is Power
I can go on and on but that is beyond the scope of this article. Suffice it to say, in today’s economy, information is power. Additionally, people, rightfully so, are willing to pay for it. In fact, my entire business (and most of the financial service sector) is based on buying and selling information. If I provide my clients with “intelligent” ideas they will be happy and stay with me for life (or until I stop providing them with good information). So each day my job is simple: Provide you with intelligent ideas in the market. I hope I did my job today. If you want powerful ideas delivered directly to your inbox, Join

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