These Stocks Are Running Out Of Fuel

Running out of Fuel

There is no question that the strongest area of the market in the past week or so has been the Fuel Cell Stocks: PLUG, FCEL, BLDP. Their moves were simply not sustainable and the action today (big negative/outside reversals- after a big move) typically suggests it is time for these stocks to pause and take a breath.

Don’t Chase Stocks

This action reinforces the importance of remaining patient and NOT chasing stocks- especially after a big move (up or down). The key now is to wait and see how these stock pullback/digest the recent rally. Then, see if a new favorable risk reward entry point emerges.

The One Constant In The Stock Market

Remember, throughout history- the one constant in markets- is human nature. The stock, market, headline, du jour always changed but Fear and greed never do. Remember, if you don’t learn from history – you are destined to repeat it.