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An easy way to beat the market is to find and own leading stocks. Put simply, that is exactly what you get with your FindLeadingStocks Membership. We receive quite a few emails asking us what is included in a FLS Membership. So we decided to give you a glimpse of some of our work (below is an excerpt from an intra-week update, not our weekly report). In addition, to sending you how to read the tape (navigate the market in real-time), you get advanced (a.k.a early) entry points in leading stocks, new high quality trade setups each week and access to our special reports (only available here).

Make Rational, Not Emotional, Decisions

All our entry/exit orders are placed when the market is CLOSED (typically, over the weekend) so you know exactly what to do if/when a stock moves through our predetermined entry/exit points when the market is open. This takes the guess work out of trading and gives you a solid plan, all you have to do is follow it. Additionally, this approach provides full transparency with our members, allows us to remove our emotions from the decision making process and remain objective at all times.

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FLS Sample (Intra-week update, not our weekly report)

Market Update: Bulls Are Back In Control

Path of Least Resistance Is Higher:
The S&P 500 (SPX) broke out of its 5.5 month base last week which bodes well for the bulls. It is also encouraging to see the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) break out and hit fresh 2014 highs as well. In the very short term the market is a little extended/overbought and we’d like to see a light volume pullback before making its next move higher. The DJIA, Nasdaq Composite, Russell 2000 are still trading below their 2014 highs and the bulls would like to see these indices follow through to the upside.

Buy Weakness, Not Just Strength, in An Uptrend
In a strong bull market we like to buy weakness and not just strength since it gives us a nice (and very important) edge in the market.  Earlier this year, we wrote about how the market was in the process of building a large topping pattern and noted that we needed the top to be confirmed otherwise it would be a large base within a broader uptrend. Now that the SPX broke out, the latter scenario has occurred and the bulls are back in control as long as the SPX continues trading above 1897 (resistance should now become support).

Market Update: Consolidating Recent  Gains

So far the action this week is best described as a healthy consolidation ahead of a few key data points (Mainly, European Central Bank & US Jobs Report later this week).  The small-cap Russell 2000 index remains the weakest index but has the look/feel that it is just a matter of time until it rallies (providing, the other averages continue moving higher).

Positions: Results Are Results. Period.

Thankfully, the  FLS portfolio is doing great as every position is profitable and our stops are tightened to avoid anything turning negative. SWKS was the standout winner today, jumping a very healthy 6% today alone! This stock took some time to get going but hopefully this is the beginning of a nice long uptrend. Here is a snapshot of the portfolio as of Tuesday’s close,

A. The service owns: SPY +4.39%, AAPL +12.10%, SWKS +7.36%, XLV +2.34%, NFLX +17.79%, JAZZ +5.89%, FB +2.06%, GLL +4.11%

B. The service will exit: SPY @186.37, AAPL @596, SWKS @39.85, XLV @58.61, NFLX @392, JAZZ @135.27, FB @61.27, GLL @89.68

Working orders: (Real Orders Are Only Available For FLS Members)

Status Order Ticker         Buy Stop    Protective Sell Stop      Risk From Entry
Working Buy XYZ 45 43.78 -2.71%
Working Buy XYZ 125 119 -4.80%


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