10 Stocks On My Watchlist (12.9.09)

Investing is Simple, But Not Easy:

An investor’s job is simple, but not easy. We have one goal: identify and capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace. Here are 10 stocks that are on my watchlist for Wednesday 12.09.09:

10 Stocks That Are On My Radar Today:

  1. Valassis Communications (VCI)- Publishes free standing ads. Industry group: Commercial Services – Advertising
  2. Focus Media Holding Ads (FMCN)- Chinese provider of audiovisual advertising. Industry group: Commercial Services – Advertising
  3. Lihua Int’l (LIWA)- Chinese company that makes wires for the Automotive, Electronics, & Telecom Markets: Industry Group: Electrical Equipment.
  4. Origin Agritech Limited (SEED)- Chinese producer of hybrid crop seeds. Industry Group: Agricultural Operations
  5. Tri-tech Holdings (TRIT)- Chinese firm that designs and implements systems to monitor and manager water resources. Industry group: Utility-Water Supply
  6. Gulf Resources (GFRE) – Chinese manufacturer of bromine and crude salt. Industry Group: Chemicals -Basic
  7. Dollar General (DG)- Operates discount merchandise stores. Industry group: Retail – Discount variety
  8. Radware Limited (RDWR)- Israeli provider of network infrastructure. Industry group: Computer- Networking
  9. Rue21 Inc. (RUE) – Operates young girls and guys apparel stores in 43 states. Industry Group: Retail- Clothing/Shoe
  10. Clearwater Paper (CLW)- Manufactures bleached paperboard, consumer tissue and lumber products. Industry group: Paper/Paper products

This is a sample of how we help our clients stay ahead of the crowd. If you are interested in a full analysis (of each companies fundamentals and technicals) please fill out our contact form:

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