Here's a Snap Shot of Q4 2016 Earnings… So Far

We are still in the heart of earning season and a lot can change. But so far, it appears the earnings recession is over and that bodes well for the major indices.
Here’s a Snap Shot of Q4 Earnings… So Far
Earnings growth for the SPX the third quarter is 5.6% vs expectations of 4.5%
Ø  Worth Noting: Earnings growth for the 115 non-financials that reported is 3.4%
Revenue growth for the SPX the third quarter is 2.4% vs expectations of 3.88%
Q4 Earnings Summary:
70.3% have POSITIVE EPS surprise
11.5% have NEUTRAL EPS surprise
18.2% have NEGATIVE EPS surprise
77.7% have HIGHER EPS year over year
1.4% have NEUTRAL EPS year over year
20.9% have LOWER EPS year over year
Q4 Sector Performance (percentage of Positive Surprise):
Utilities: 100%
Information Tech: 96.2%
Materials: 87.5%
Consumer Discretionary: 70.5%
Financials: 70.0%
Industrials: 65.5%
Healthcare: 61.5%
Energy: 57.1%
Consumer Staples: 55.6%
Real Estate: 0%
Telecom Svcs: 0%
Source: Courtesy of Our Friends At RealMoney.com