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My very first blog post. I have to tell you I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile now. I think the best way to begin my blogging career is to start with a brief introduction of who I am, what I do, and why I have decided to join the blogging and social media worlds. I’ve made a conscious decision to fully embrace the social media ethos and I look forward to blogging frequently as well as sharing all sorts of great content with you, my readers.
My name is Adam Sarhan and I am the founder and CEO of Sarhan Capital, a boutique investment firm created in 2004. I’ve spent the last few years developing a suite of market-based services for both individual and institutional investors. All our work is based on our objective market research: The Sarhan Analysis, TrendScreener and AS Analysis- our custom research product. I am very proud of all our work and look forward to sharing much of it with you. If you want more information on any of our services, please visit our Store.
I’ve spent the better part of the last decade honing my financial acumen, developing a method of trading the markets that has consistently outperformed the major benchmark averages, both for myself and my clients. At the urging of my clients and colleagues, I set out to codify my trading strategies, the result of which was a weekly global macro note, The Sarhan Analysis.
As a person who knows how it feels to start from nothing, it is my sincere desire to see The Sarhan Analysis widely distributed and employed to help other people succeed. I have faith in the product and work hard everyday to ensure that we always provide objective market analysis.

My Trading Philosophy

Since early on in my career, I have always had a clear understanding and strong respect for market psychology and risk. It is my belief that it is a failure to properly comprehend both concepts that hinders most people’s ability to succeed. That said, my goal is to teach people how to accurately apportion both factors into their portfolios. But I also know that people are inherently stubborn when it comes to trading, and that discipline is often the first thing that goes out the window when people have money on the line. Emotions trump reason and that is why in early 2009, I developed Sarhan Live – a proprietary online psychological and risk assessment tool, and made it available to the public. It is my hope that with this tool, coupled with my unique market analysis, one can succeed where others fail by developing a well thought out trading system and specific investment goals.

So What Are My Goals?

It would hypocritical of me to urge you to illustrate your goals without doing the same. So in the interest of transparency, a golden rule of social media success, I will elucidate my goals with this blog.
My goals are to tell you about me, to tell you my story, my successes, my failures and teach you what I know about capital markets. My goals are to share with you my knowledge and experiences in the market, and to do so in a colloquial and easy to follow fashion. I want my posts here to be instructive and educational to the beginning trader as well as sophisticated enough to appeal to experienced investors. The truth is that good market analysis and a clear articulation of that analysis is always in demand.
I have created several services that may or may not be conducive for you at this point in time, but even if you don’t become a customer, you’ll still find a wealth of education available on this blog and a good place to come visit for the latest in both technical and fundamental market analysis. In my opinion, one needs to look at both technical and fundamental indicators in order to be a successful trader, leaving one out is like trying to play tennis with one hand tied behind your back! So I hope you’ll come visit often, add me to your RSS, connect with me on twitter and facebook, tell your friends and family about this site and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them for me. I hope to create a warm and healthy dialogue with you going forward.

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